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Who am I?

My name is Clément, I'm 29 years old, SEO consultant living in France, travelling the world. I spend my time working on new projects & new concepts. I constantly try to improve the way I work, the way I think, & the way I communicate with my partners and employees. INTP type of personality. My goal is to turn small innovations, small visions, into real life projects.

What do I do?



I realize on-site and off-site audits, provide recommendations and technical advices for the implementation of your SEO strategy.

Project Management

I guide you during your project. I take responsibility for the planning, the management, the coordination and the financial control of the process.

Links Creation

I create thematized networks of websites and links to increase your site authority, and manually outreach to potential partners for your project.

Website Creation

I design, create and implement websites based on your needs. I provide UX/UI and SEO advice to rank your site effectively.

My Clients:

My vision of SEO:

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's a technical and sementical process that improve your ranking in Google.
SEO in 2000 was about the mass creation of links to your site and that was it. It was intended to artificially increase your website popularity in order to hit page 1 on google. Yet today, a lot of people still belive that SEO still works this way. Between 2000 and 2017, rules and methods have drastically changed.

Robot vs Humans

Google has hundreds of algorithms running in parralel to determine the best results they can show when a visitor type a query in their search engine. Thousands of employees are working daily to make sure these results are the perfect match for the users. SEO Experts have determined that hundreds of factors are taken into consideration to create the results page.

Yet, I can pinpoint on big problem:

SEO workers try to think like robots while Google robot tries to think like humans.

What is a good SEO strategy ?

There is no shortcuts in building and ranking a website in Google today, people have spent too much time trying to reverse-engineer the Google algorithm to find a flaw while the solution have always been clear and the most important part of the strategy always had the same name:

Focus on the user.

Based on this, it's then quite easy to determine a list of the most important points to take in consideration when building your SEO strategy:
Deliver unique content that answer the user's request.
Update your site frequently and provide accurate informations only.
Create a smart navigation and user interface to improve the user experience.
Base your site on a technically correct coding to speed up the delivery of your content.
Thoses 4 factors alone are usually enough to create an interest on your site and obtain natural backlinks.

If you need expertise in any of the mentionned fields, feel free to contact me so we can discuss it.

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